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The different kinds of websites that make up the world of Internet

Surfing the net has become as common as reading a newspaper these days. In fact one can say that people have taken to surfing the internet as much as they watch television. Those with access to the internet opt to spend online than watching television or doing other things. The Internet is made up of different kinds of websites.

So, what is a website?

A website is composed of one or more web pages. A web page is composed of some content that is useful to the viewer. It is hosted on a web server which is a special type of computer. A viewer uses a software called web browser which contacts the web server with a request for the web page. The server responds by sending the web page which in turn is displayed by the web browser.

Dynamic and static websites According to the nature of web pages, they can be called static or dynamic. A static web page is comprised of content that does not change, where as a dynamic web page comprises content that keeps changing.

Web developers write code that create web page responses according to the request sent from the server. A simple example would be a shopping website which shows the products according to the search by the user.

The change to Web 2.0

Websites have become very interactive these days. They are provided with programming to generate content on the fly. E commerce has become very popular with the advent of hoard online shopping sites, reservation websites and other such websites.

The websites have become capable of remembering preferences and choices. Thus they can recommend products, services and much more.

Purchase, pay and bank online The internet and the advancement in web technologies has made everything possible within an arm's reach. Banks offer internet banking as a facility where the customer is given an identity and a password. Using these they can logon and initiate transactions. Many banks offer demat accounts through which trading in the finance market becomes very easy. Many banks offer easy ways to pay mobile phone bills and other utility bills online.

Now, one can shop online for almost everything from groceries, to clothes, to watches, to treadmills and almost anything. Reserving tickets for travel or for movies or other such things has become very easy.

Social media websites Networking is very important in this world today. One can connect with people who share the same interests, people whom we know, befriend people far away, and stay in touch. With this network, people can do anything from asking about ones' wellness, to hunting for jobs, to sharing views and updates about what is happening in ones' lives.

A website's success lies in how well it satisfies the very purpose of its existence. Identifying the requirements and matching the design and development would be worth the effort, time and money.

Great user experience, to the point design, ease of use and the content are what make a good website.

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