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The blog is about the Laxman light and Sound technology. Neurotronics produce stress management equipment and software that is supposed to help you to improve your daily performance.
Scientifically proven, mind machines are designed to instigate different brainwave states by using glimmering lights and hypnotic tones. They stress on changing the frequency of the userís brainwave, while delivering him ultimate relaxation and heightened consciousness.
One of the most advanced and multifaceted stress management tools is the Laxman. It uses pulsing light and sound effects to inspire your inner world. Created and developed in a lab in Germany, the Laxman is a striking audio-visual mental system designed to curb intense stress, boost meditation and control sleeping disorders. Based on the latest updated neurological research report, the Laxman is the very first device introduced that combines all the aspects of a traditional Mind machine. Coupled with hi-tech multimedia devices, including an MP3 Player and All-Color-Ganzfeld-Goggles, this miracle device is intended to offer Neuro-Enhancement to the users, minus any possible side-effects.
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