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Itís hard to believe Spring is here and our lawns will soon need mowing here in Boise. Before we get ahead of ourselves, there are few lawn care tasks we recommend doing this spring.

Spring Clean Up

1. Pruning and Trimming- If you didnít have a chance to do this before the winter, now is the time. Our plants and trees all need attention and now before they get back into their growth phase is the best time to trim the dead and unwanted branches, twigs and dead leaves. We also have numerous types of decorative grasses throughout our landscape. These grasses need trimmed and the dead blades removed before the new ones grow back.
2. Aerate- Our lawns have had a rough winter being covered by snow for more than 45 days and enduring this harsh weather. We recommend aerating your lawn once a year and some cases twice. This loosens up the soil, allowing nutrients to absorb and the root system to grow promoting a healthy lawn all summer.
3. Yard Clean Up- Likely this winter left a few unwanted leaves, sticks and branches in your landscape. Now is a great time to trim the rest of the unwanted foliage down and clean it all up at once. Leaving your lawn looking great and ready for spring.
4. Fertilization- Likely your lawn is looking a bit yellow or brownish throughout after this long winter. This is a sign you might need to fertilize and replenish the nutrients in your soil. Allowing for green lush grass to grow in this spring.
For these lawn care services and many more give us a call at 208-643-0181 or jump back to our home page and send us a message, here.
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