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A Year Of Knowing Nile

"Knowing Nile" is a factual, frank and incredibly witty account of "Knowing Nile"in his last year in London's Brick Lane, or in Nile's words, “The way it was.” Nile died in June 2012 via mental health issues.This is truthful account this time.
Throw Madonna , Hugh Grant, Matt Lucas and Duncan James into the mix while starting a Media company forming a relationship while suffering from mental health issue

Sharp Crust humor and sensitively written rarely seen within subjects no one wants to talk about
"Knowing Nile now holds UK No1 Spot in the UK Blog Directory and has done over the last 8 Weeks while topping the Blogs charts in Germany, Egypt Oslo, on Facebook alone Nile has over 91,000 fans
Maybe its time to start.

"Knowing Nile" Be glad you did -)
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