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There is no absolutely safe place in the world, say the global warming, plague spreading, super powerful hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, tsunami ,volcanic explosion and political unrest. If your city is going to have a serious disaster, what lightest properties you will bring to leave the city? Your house? Definitely not you cannot move it! Your stocks? Perhaps, stock index has already sliding down. Gold? Seems to be the answer! But gold is very heavy. So, what on earth should we bring is light and widely accept all over the world? The answer is diamond. 1 gram of gold worth around 30-40 US Dollars. 1 carat of diamond weighing 0.20 gram. In other words, 1 gram of diamond is 5 carats. A 5 carats diamond with F color and VS1 clarity worth around 154,800 US Dollars that is over 4000 time the same weight of gold. Just simply to say if you bring 10 pieces of diamond which is easily put into you pocket you need to bring around 48300 gram of gold which is 48 kg. Can you put 48 kg of gold into your pocket? No joking, it is almost impossible. Gold price is recently fluctuate and sliding down to from USD1300 to USD1100 per once. But diamond price never go down because diamond rough source is getting less. Hence, diamonds are not just a luxurious product to show off but a very safe and reliable investment.

Author:Matthew Chan
He has been in the management of some public listed jewelry companies, now he is running his O2O jewelry stores. O2O means offline and online store.
Offline store address: Room D 3/F, Alpha House, 27-33 Nathan Rd, TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Online store address:
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