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The Indian Pentecostal Church of God (IPC) is the best Pentecostal relationship in India. It had more than ten thousand get-togethers around the globe. Its authentic base camp is at Hebronpuram, Kumbanadu, Kerala, India. As opposed to their associate, the Assemblies of God, IPC asylums loads on firm enthusiastic rules and denies new age appealing unforeseen developments and circumspectly rebukes accomplishment gospel and free straightforwardness exacting perspective. IPC also ousts itself from TPM (The Pentecostal Mission), which as exhibited by IPC is a flighty new development. Pentecost church in London is a piece of IPC. It is in any case called Pentecost church in Croydon. In London such countless Mallu Pentecostal families are there. Malayalam Pentecost church in London is valuable for them. Malayalam Pentecostal church in Croydon has there own structure for requests and meeting. IPC church in London helps with propelling the way of thinking of Jesus. IPC church in London in any case called IPC church in Croydon.



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