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Leaflet Distribution companies predominantly sell you into Blanket covering campaigns. This is great for people marketing at mass in any location and does work for most businesses. Although, issues can arise when a certain product or service only appeals to a certain audience type. If you are an accountant or a solicitor, then your perfect audience profile will be in the upper-class ranges such as high net worth. If this business moves away from their target audience profile, then they could be wasting valuable budget on distribution locations that will not yield a return. Whereas Aldi or Lidl that appeals to a lower class of audience profile will want to hit the opposite.

It is important when planning your campaign that not only do you but emphasis on local or national delivery zones but also the people that you are marketing your product or service too. The message you deliver to any particular audience is going to have dramatic impact on the response / Return of investment that you will receive from your campaign.

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