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Modern lifestyles are often hectic and stressful and simultaneously the social fabric is tearing apart. As a result, people end up living alone without family and very few friends with whom they can share their inner feelings. At the same time, all around you, there are many occurrences which cause anger and frustration in an average human being. However, there is little scope to vent that anger and frustration due to the lonely lifestyles that people lead. In fact, some people find them unable to share their feelings even if they are living in a family and have friends because often the people around them do not share the same ideas and ideology that they have. The result is that the suppressed anger and frustration leads to many physical, mental and emotional problems. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to find a medium through which you can vent out all the angst and share your inner feelings with like-minded people.
The power of social media:
Nowadays the social media has become popular with people who are lonely and need to share their feelings. The social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. have an international reach. Many companies are taking advantage of this and promoting their products and services through these sites. At the same time, people are also using these sites to make their voices be heard by a large number of people. For instance, Greenpeace is using social media sites to promote their ideology of avoiding the use of coal all over the world and they have got an overwhelming response. In fact, the reach and impact of social media sites are such that governments are forced to take action in order to avoid mass unrest.
At the same time, there are groups and forums that support people who are trying to give up some addiction like alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics. Apart from the popular sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. there are also some sites which are particularly dedicated to allowing people to vent out their anger and frustration. On these sites, you can express your anger against some evil practices in society or even your personal matters. You will find an overwhelming number of people who will be ready to provide moral support and even pertinent advice which will help you to deal with the situations that are causing the anger and frustration in the first place.
How you can use the social media:
It is very easy to find such sites that allow you to express your anger and frustration. All you have to do is search on your favorite search engine like Google, Yahoo etc. with the relevant keywords and you will come across many such sites and keep a tab on a few sites and see the activities on them. This, in turn, will help you to select a couple of sites which will help you to deal with your anger and frustration. However, there is a limit to which you can go to these sites and it is necessary to maintain decorum at all times. Not only should you expect other people to help you deal with your angst, but you should also actively help other people in dealing with their anger and frustration.



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