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Golf is a complex game and it takes a lot of skills, as well as a little luck, to play a great round. Not to mention reliable equipment, like your clubs. But how much of a difference can something as small as the golf ball you choose make? Well, it can actually have a pretty big impact on aspects of the game such as your distance and accuracy. Today, weíll be sharing our tips on choosing the right golf balls for your game.
Two Piece vs Multi-Layer

The two main choices you have with golf balls is a two piece or multi-layer ball. Two piece balls are the most common choice and, as the name suggests, they consist of an inner core and outer layer. Designed for distance, they can help with a straight flight path. The other option you have is the multi-layer ball, which are generally made of three to four layers. These balls are favoured by the golfing pros as they tend to provide better accuracy.


Another consideration when choosing your golf ball is the compression, which is the density of the inner core. If you have a high compression rate, the ball is more resistant to compression when you hit the ball. If you have a slow swing rate, a low compression ball tends to be better as it has more spring in it when the club hits. For those with a fast swing rate, high compression is probably better.

New vs Used

Not only are there a wide range of new golf balls on offer, you can also easily purchase used balls for your game. Before you discount recycled balls as inferior, remember that it allows you to access more expensive brands which might otherwise be too pricey for day to day use. If you love a particularly brand but are finding itís limiting your game because you run out of the balls too quickly, you can always give used balls a try.


Given the variety of golf balls available on the market, itís often a case of experimenting to see which type works best for your game. If youíre not sure where to start, you can always drop into your golf shop and ask for some advice. Think about what area of your game you want to improve, whether itís accuracy, control or distance, and go from there. After some trial and error, youíll find the ball which works best for you.

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