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If you’re a student or the parent of a student, you probably already know that classrooms are often packed with eager learners, stretching the teachers too thin to provide the kind of individual attention that they would like to give to each student. Students can have a hard time getting extra homework help or other assistance from teachers, since there are often twenty or more other students who need the same assistance. Today, we’ll talk about some ways to overcome the difficulties that arise from such large classroom sizes.

Find a Time When the Teacher Can Help You
It’s sometimes helpful if a student who requires some extra assistance can find time to speak with the teacher outside of class time. Many teachers will be more than happy to answer questions or provide extra help after class is over or during study hall or prep periods. Teachers are mainly concerned with helping you learn, and not only will they be more than happy to help students who need it, but they’ll likely be pleased that the student has taken the initiative to get extra help in the first place.

Get Help from a Tutor
If you are having trouble getting the individual assistance you need from your classroom teacher, it’s a great idea to seek out help from a tutor or tutoring service instead. Tutors can provide help during nights, weekends, and other times when your teacher is not accessible. Not only that, but they will utilize many of the same strategies and techniques that the best teachers use! If your classroom time alone is not sufficient enough for you to understand a topic, consider an online tutor or tutoring service as a source of additional assistance.

Work With Parents
Parents have many of the same troubles that teachers do when it comes to a lack of free time, but whenever possible, it’s great to have parents who are willing and able to help their children understand their school work. Not only is it a great way to spend time and bond with your family, but it will also improve the student’s grades tremendously. By scheduling a “homework time” or “study time”, parents and students alike can make sure that the proper time is devoted to school related tasks as well as just spending time together as a family.

Study in Groups
Another good source of homework help is a student’s peers at school. By working with other students who have a good grasp on the material being taught, students who are having trouble can get the extra help they need. Also, helping explain concepts to other students only cements the knowledge being learned, so students who already have ability in a subject can improve their grades by helping others!

Although increased classroom sizes have made it harder for teachers and students alike to accomplish some of their goals, there are ways to work around the constraints to make sure that every student gets a successful education. With a little creativity, students can still get all the help they need.

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Date Added : 24-5-2008