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In Today’s competitive world, where competition is rising at every next step, manufacturers are finding new ways to promote their brand value, increase its product sale and getting globally recognized. Gusseted Bags (Bolsas con Fuelle) are very popular in packaging Tea and Coffee. Metallized Gusseted Bags provide high barrier protection against oxygen, moisture, and light, keeping your product fresh for the longest time.

Gusseted Bags are manufactured using PET/CPP or PE (transparent), BOPP/CPP or PE (transparent), Matt BOPP/PE or CPP (opaque), BOPP or PET/VMCPP (foil), PA/PE (vacuum).

Gusseted Bags are manufactured in following two ways:
Stock Option:

• Available in varied size ranging from 250gm to 3000gm.

• Available in different colors: white, black, gold and silver.

• Minimum order should be placed of 1000 units.
• Can be delivered within 10-12 days of placing the order.

Custom Option:

• Can be fabricated with cut-mark, euro punch, die cutting handle, and degassing valves.

• High Speed Rotogravure and flexo-graphic technique is used to print custom gusseted bags with unique designs and logos in 9 different colors.

• Manufactured in plastic and kraft Paper material.

• Minimum order should be placed of 10,000 units.


• Biodegradable, Recyclabe and Eco-friendly.

• Better protection against heat, moisture, and light.

• Increases the shelf-life of the product as well as preserves it.

• Provides ease in transportation and storage.

• Highly functional and economical.

The another innovative option for smart packaging of your product is 4 Side Sealed Bags (Bolsas de 4 lados sellados). 4 Side Sealed Bags is an advanced packaging style of Gusseted Bags. This bag is also popularly known as Quad Seal Bags (Bolsas de 4 lados sellados). These bags are not available in stock and thus is manufactured as per order only. Due to its robust structure, 4 side sealed bags are highly recommended for packaging of heavier items like rice, sugar, cereals, salt, protein powder, fertilizers etc.

• Available in different colors such as: Shiny gold, shiny silver, matt gold, matt silver, matt black, matt white, blue, green, black etc.

• 4 side sealed bags is manufactured with custom printing on brown paper, white paper, Kraft paper bags, polyester etc.

• Commonly 4 Side Sealed bags is 4 inches wide, 2.5 inches high and bottom gusset of 2.5 inches.
• The Nylon material used provides extra strength and improved puncture capacity.

• It is also equipped with one way degassing valves, rounded corners, k seal bottom, euro hook, round hanging hole, etc.

• Minimum order should be placed of 10, 000 units.

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Date Added : 31-3-2015