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GorjessPets Yorkie Puppies have been a small, but reputable breeder for the over 10 years. We take pride in producing high-quality puppies with a trackable 35 year, pedigree history minimizing health issues. With professionalism and outstanding moral values when it comes to passionate Yorkie breeding you will experience with us is something you will not experience anywhere else. Please Google us and see for yourself that our customer track record is outstanding. Call today to learn more about us. Our experience as a single breed, breeder will surely benefit your desire for a quality puppy for your family for many years to come. So when it comes to choosing a trusted Yorkie breeder in Las Vegas and surrounding areas, who would you prefer to purchase a puppy or dog from? A store that promotes backyard breeders or worse yet, puppy mills producing many breeds of sub-quality puppies who may only last a few years but their vet bills lasting a lot longer, or a trusted Yorkie breeder, who focuses on a single breed of dog, the breed you are now looking for with 10+ years' of passionate breeding of Yorkshire Terriers?
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