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Living room is the most versatile space of any house as we used to use this area for so many activities from watching TV, playing games, formal sitting and chatting, relaxing and entertaining guests to spending time with family. In fact, living room is the place where you and your entire family love to spend time together and when it comes to designing and decorating of the place you might look for something which would foreground modern and traditional designs to the area. After all, living room is the area where every member of family, younger to elder and older, spends most of their time and opting for mix designs would definitely suit the taste of everybody in house.

So, if you are looking for living room interior themes which have both, classic and contemporary, then this post is for you. Rigid Interiors, which is one of the leading interior designing companies in Dubai, offers trendy and innovative themes to meet individualís requirement in modern-tradition mix designs.
From home interiors to office, hotel, health care and hospitality, vivacious to graceful themes are doing up spaces in every ingenious forms by Rigid interior designers. As the fashion growing towards modern styles with perspective of classic characters, we have more original ideas to make your living roomís remarkable impression to every person who visit you. Here we will tell you how you can get best modern and classic for your living room interior-

1. Whether you want the interior of your living room classic or contemporary in style, you can display stillness and serenity by choosing neutral colors such as beige, taupe, black, gray, ivory and white. These shades when exude with vibrant furniture could bring out any form of style to your living room. If fancier looking room is your approach then sync the colors as per existing style or a romantic country design.

2. Decorate the fixtures, screens, wall and roof essentials with textures ranging from a wide range of wood. There are attractive marble titles and masonry walls with deep exciting shades which will definitely bring a series of chic that are significant of the very colourful and classic local cultures and customs.

3. You can decorate the room with old retro style lighting with smart shapes and sizes. There are colourful lighting options that can transform the entire look too. The hot trend in market are LEDs and CFLs that are not only energy efficient but also an excellent way to bring new look.

4. Br classy and get some hand crafted items, tribal inspired accessories or antique showpieces to your room that has contemporary furniture in center. Add hand woven baskets, a popular interior designing accessory for decades, for home decor. It can instantly add the charms of old days to your room.

5. Bring art to the area with artefacts made of natural stone which you can keep anywhere in your home, but in your living room this would be promote. Fix slates made of natural stones at rooftop of your house. Fine textures of granite along with fine marble can be used at flat surface and fireplace to make them more beautiful. Go for wall cladding which can be a retro style.

6. Get dark leather and dark wooden furniture can be used to effectively create an old world theme in your living room.

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Date Added : 4-3-2015