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Eco- palm leaf is one of the most comprehensive, original, unique ,innovative & eco-friendly Areca plate manufacturers. Eco- palm leaf has an unconventional but yet uncompromising style of exhibiting and honing their creative skills towards meeting the best of industry as well as business standards, and thereby delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.
From Palms to Plates and Everything Else…..
In the present world today in this state of an art kind of a business sector. Eco-Palm leaf is the leading Areca plate manufacturing company was established in the year 2014. Eco palm leaf is located in the suburbs of the Shivamogga district embraced by the nature & its serenity off the urban nuances in the state of Karnataka, India.
Eco-Palm leaf stand apart as the most distinguished top-notch quality Areca Plates manufacturers. Areca leaf plates and Areca cups are made from the fallen leaves of the Areca tree plant. The leaves are extracted from the earthen burrows.
Areca Palm plates are hundred percent natural ,ecological, recyclable, renewable, reusable completely disposable eco-product. Areca Palm plates are the most economic & eco-friendly artifact one can use anywhere anytime keeping the environment factor in mind.
Application & Usage
Areca leaf plates and Areca Cups are highly economical as they serve as the best alternative for catering to all social occasions like Wedding, Marriage Functions, Naming Ceremonies,….and other different occasions. The Areca nut plates are available in many different sizes & shapes. Few of the designs available are the Round Areca leaf plates, Hexagonal Areca leaf plates, Square Areca leaf plates, Rectangle Areca leaf plates ,Heart shaped Areca leaf plates,…….
The Eco-friendly & the” Ease to Dispose” Significance…
The Eco-Palm Leaf uses the natural raw material for the production of the eco-friendly plates. There are no other artificial additives or ingredients which makes these more eco-friendly disposable plates. Hence setting a new trend in the catering services category. Areca leaf plates are the most hygienic, heat resistant, and bio-degradable plates matching to serve any kind of food. These are easily portable plates that can used anywhere like in Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Services, Picnics, Outdoor Catering and in many other places. Since the plates are 100% bio-degradable they can serve as“Use n Throw” plates for several services or applications.

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Date Added : 21-7-2015