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FeedTheBull offers a creative and unique platform to give the investment community a Voice! in the market and provides a place to freely transfer ideas. We provide a new and innovative way for investors to share information on companies, industries, and the market by allowing users to manage all of the content on the website. All members are allowed to submit articles, blogs, and news on a stock, a company, the market, or the economy. As the user submits an article, they have the ability to voice their opinions on the article. This gives them the ability to tell the rest of the community whether or not an article is relevant and can be trusted, because let’s face it - there are hundreds of thousands of news sources out there, how can any one person find their way through all of the information out there and know whether or not it is trustworthy? By allowing all users to submit their own content, whether it is an article or blog found while doing research or something they wrote, and having the community effectively regulate the news by commenting and voting on the submissions, we have created a “trusted” news source for everyone. Instead of one author, we have created a "democratized collective intelligence."

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Date Added : 26-7-2007