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Among many other factors, festivals are one of the most important building blocks of a community. Community literally means “a group of people sharing the same or common interest”. That’s why you must have observed festivals are not discussed as per individual but as per community. Though in today’s time, it is also taken as a time of celebration and enjoyment, due to which people of one community also like to enjoy the festival of other communities. Up to a certain level, this involvement is because of the easy transportation like rental cars and different modes of mass-communication and media involved.

The efforts of different media vehicles have made everyone aware of many festivals, which were until now unknown. Moreover, the easy transportation enables people to take Car Rental Services to cross the boundaries of one nation to another and be a part of different festivals of other communities to experience the colors of other cultures as well. It has materialized the world “multicultural”. Some festivals, being specific to a particular region or community, are so popular that now they are no more personal to any community or country, but as seen as Global. Example: “The Rio Carnival”- Many people have heard about it, but people do not focus on Rio or Brazil, but on “Carnival”. The scale on which this festival is celebrated has made it global. Likewise, there are many other festivals, whose charm has engulfed the whole world.

Nigeria is no different in this case. The African country hosts a lot of annual festivals that not only depict their culture and traditions but also have enough colors to attract tourists, worldwide. Here we are going to discuss some of the Nigerian festivals, which tell the story of their culture, traditions, and beliefs. Here goes the list:

The New Yam Festival: No matter what, but in every country, food has its special place. Not only the food makes any festival special, but sometimes special food festivals are organized where special focus is given on food, recipes, and people love to appreciate as well as relish it. Definitely, a super attraction for food-lovers. There are many places that celebrate food festivals. Besides, there are many festivals that are celebrated to respect and pray for their first harvest. The New Yam Festival is such a festival, where you get to know the significance of Yam in Nigeria, where Yams are a staple food.

Fishing festival: Sometimes things go so crazy that it ends in healthy competition. People forget everything and just enjoy it to the fullest and it becomes the most loving sport. The fishing festival is something similar. One of the oldest festivals of Nigeria, it is celebrated on the shore of Argungun. First, the water is murky, which adds to the adventure of the sports, and second, the craze of people out there for fishing, will not allow you to turn your back. It’s better to rent a car for a day and visit this place. People at this time forget everything and the only objective is enjoyment and a desire to win the prize.

King’s renewal festival: Though most of the world is under the democratic type of Government, there is someplace still under Monarchy or at least under the influence of Monarchy. Nigeria is one of them. Not only this some Nigerian cities see their king as a deity. This festival is celebrated by their king.

It is well said that to know people better, you should first understand their festivals and celebrate with them. This strengthens the bonding, and you never know you might find some great friends in some strangers. But before that if you want to really participate in these festivals, do the online car rental booking prior to avoid the last-minute rush.



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