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1. Fashion designing is as much an art as it is a business and one has to master the skills of a good businessman in order to get the best out of their fashion designing career.
2. A good understanding of the fashion trends in crucial in order to know what the client would need today and then predict what they might like tomorrow and how best to leverage their desires into accessible, comfortable ensembles.
3. Have a highly creative and artistic bend of mind if you seek to excel in fashion designing. Draw inspiration from everything around you; from music to fine arts to dance and culture and people around you to come up with fresh new ideas and designs. An active imagination is very helpful to transform your observations into designs in your head.
4. Fashion designing cannot be complete without the ability to draw well. You must possess strong sketching and drawing skills. If you do not already have that skill, it is not hard to develop and master with practice. This is the only way you will be able to put your thoughts and ideas into form for others to see and for it to be translated into a piece of a fashion item.
5. A great fashion designer will have the expertise of knowing and judging a good fabric, its texture and colour. Fashion designing will mandate you to have these skills as a pre-requisite. To create a blend of colors and fabrics that is not only compatible but also exquisite will set you apart from the rest of the designers. Hence, invest time to attain these skills.
6. Fashion designing comprises communication as well as drawing skills. One cannot work in a team and think of getting exceptional results without being able to communicate effectively.
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