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Oil packaging machines have their job cut out and have to be at fool-proof levels of technical expertise as the nature of the ingredient leaves absolutely no room for even the most miniscule of errors. An oil filling machine that is built with innovation as its keystone and experience as the building block will achieve comprehensive excellence and deliver utmost satisfaction for its customers. Nichrome is renowned for its innovative packing solutions and its edible oil filling machine comes on top with its innovative core features.
Special design for oil pouch packing machine
Nichrome has engineered a perfect solution for all oil and related applications including ghee pouch packing machine and the entire range of viscosity in liquid edible ingredients such as vanaspati and fresh cream. Its three-side seal pouch for oil creates the perfect solution for all oil filling machine solutions. The five-layer film vertical form fill solution, with thickness larger than 85 microns, works in three sizes of 100 milliliters, 200 milliliters and 500 milliliters. The output speed is between 80 and 85 packs per minute. There is also a 1000 milliliter option. Accuracy for both ranges is plus or minus 2 milliliters.
Horizontal form fill seal machines
The horizontal form fill automatic filling machine from Nichrome can pack between 5 and 250 cubic centimeters in the Simplex version and between 5 and 90 cubic centimeters in the higher-output Duplex mode. The rated output for the simplex version is 100 packs per minute while the duplex version delivers 200 packs per minute. The HFFS pouch filling machine utilizes piston filler for viscous applications. It comes with accessories such as a round edge pouch and a twin pouch cutter. Alternates to three-side seal are four-side seal and zipper pouch formats as well as a contour/profile pouch format. The pouches can be rolled out by the edible oil filling machine either one by one or as a perforated chain of pouches. The packaging materials for the HFFS machines are heat sealable laminates like PET/PE, Paper/Alu-foil/PE or co-extruded films.
Packaging machines India products that deliver comprehensive Hygiene
The VFFS packaging solutions are built with an enclosed SS cabinet construction. UV sterilization of the packaging film is inbuilt. The machine isolates the film reel mounting area from other lubricating functionality ensuring no contamination which is a possibility during transportation.
Range of powerful functionalities of edible oil filling machine
The VFFS machine delivers the capability of packing two different products and quantities at the same time. Bag pulling is accomplished with ease through the deployment of a specially designed film roll unwinding feature. Space requirements are lessened as the oil filling machine does not have any side opening. The controller is operator friendly and the machine is totally mechanical with no need for compressed air.

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Date Added : 27-4-2016