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Certification has found its way into almost every industry today. It helps advance the profession. It gives recognition of competency, shows commitment to the profession and helps with job advancement. By taking up certification courses a professional can increase his/her personal effectiveness in IT areas as well as general technical management. A professional also acquires the skills needed to be competitive in the open job market. Certification also helps you raise your conceptual understanding of the technology.

Why do you have to hurry up for these courses?

- The sooner you have the knowledge, the sooner you can use it in your workplace
- The sooner you have your certification the sooner you can make money out of it
- As the technologies get more complex over time, to avoid the complexity over certification exams

Certification courses provide detailed knowledge and skills required to perform real-world job responsibilities. Many IT related courses such as CISSP, CHFI, CISA, CEH, COBIT5, ITIL, PMP and generic courses such as SIX SIGMA are on demand these days.

• The CISSP certification ranked 4th amongst the top 15 highest paying certifications as per a salary survey conducted by TechRepublic
• The CEH course gives you “White hat” IT professionals a glimpse into the mindset of a typical hacker. The focus of an IT professional is always on keeping bad guys out and maintaining secure systems.
• A thorough knowledge of COBIT helps executives to understand the basic principles that underly the design and implementation of IT enables services and business process.
• Six-sigma certification makes the recipient stand out from the crowd. Six-sigma methodologies have the capability of improving a company’s bottom line and making customers happier.

A Certification Course speaks about the skills and talents of an individual in his professional subject area. It provides him official and public recognition and good employment opportunities. It gives a solid foundation to his career thereby helping him to make quick progress and reach new heights in his career.

JAGSAR International of Hyderabad is providing many offline and classroom trainings/courses which are in demand these days. IT professional can benefit from these courses by doing certification in these areas. This will give them a chance to stand out from the crowd and creating a demanding situation for their management to promote the said employee or the professional can look for better opportunities in other companies. Earn a certificate in IT, and if you see the benefits for your situation, go for it!



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