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The pandemic impacted several businesses and it taught quite a lot. During the pandemic, customers continued using several business products and services although through an online medium. Cloud telephony was one such solution that made remote working a lot easier for businesses.
Cloud telephony lets businesses stay connected with customers, especially the customer support teams. Many cloud telephony providers would know how crucial it was to stay connected for businesses.
Accessibility and availability are only second to trust and confidence. Customer relationships can only be built by going the extra mile. This article will reveal all the dos and doníts for your customer support team using cloud telephony.
What Your Cloud Customer Support Team Should Do

With cloud telephony, you can connect with your customers remotely and build brand trust more easily.
A Clear Process Is Essential

Despite cloud telephony services keeping your team running, change can overwhelm your agents. Agents are more likely to provide top-notch services and customer service when there is a clear process of cloud telephony in place for handling the new way of working.
Monitoring team performance requires defining goals and KPIs in addition to documenting a clear process. To ensure consistency in brand representation, it is also a good idea to update your knowledge base regarding cloud telephony.
Give Your Team the Right Tools

Giving your team the right tools is the second step you need to take with your cloud telephony solution. To get started with a cloud telephony solution, each agent needs a reliable collaboration tool. An IVR is a part of a cloud telephony solution that has the advantage of directing calls to the right agents, which increases the likelihood of resolving the call on the first attempt. Keeping track of customer expectations requires your team to use a CRM application.
Communicate to the Fullest Extent Possible

Customer support and brand credibility are built on smooth communication. In a cloud-based contact center, this is even more crucial.
To resolve issues and problems efficiently and effortlessly, make sure your agents have excellent communication skills for using cloud telephony. A good communication system facilitates internal processes and promotes teamwork.
Ensure Smooth Transitions for Agents

Your agents will need time to get used to the cloud telephony service despite its many uses. Your brand becomes less trustworthy and loyal the longer they take. For a smooth transition to a cloud telephony system, it is important to invest in agent education and training. Remote support provided by cloud telephony will automatically build trust with customers if they can resolve problems effectively.
What a Cloud Customer Support Team shouldn't do

There are a few things to avoid when managing your cloud telephony customer support team. When using a cloud telephony system, avoid these things to maintain your brand's confidence.
Quality Compromises

Brand trust is destroyed by poor service quality, especially when communicating from afar using cloud telephony. Your customers will leave if your team doesn't give them a great experience each time they call.
Your agents shouldn't compromise on the customer experience when using cloud telephony technology, even the most advanced.
React to situations immediately

Using a cloud telephony system requires your team not to interact with your customers. Send reminders and updates on time, as part of preventative measures.
It is all too easy to lose sight of your brand when you are out of sight, and consumers will start to distrust it sooner rather than later. If you don't want to fall behind your expectations, make sure you are one step ahead!
Control by micromanagement

Using a cloud telephony solution will likely make you feel micro-controlled, but you shouldn't. As a result, your employees' work reflects your lack of trust. A lack of communication between agents and customers can lead to a loss of brand credibility when agents are dissatisfied with their managers.
Don't Let the Transition Scare You

It's no longer an option to switch to a cloud telephony service, but a compulsion to survive and develop. Transitions are inevitable, but you should not be afraid of them. In the long run, it will only kill the morale and confidence of your team. Low morale affects their performance when dealing with customers and further impairs their performance.

In times of crisis, your business can maintain brand confidence by following these guidelines and using cloud telephony services. It is possible to win the trust of the game if you hold onto them. Office24by7 Technologies is the best cloud telephony service provider among all the cloud telephony services India has. We can be contacted at 7097171717 or through email at



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