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The display case is a cabinet cupboard with typically more transparent glass surfaces, used to display objects for viewing. A display case may appear in a retail store, restaurant, or house. Often, labels are enclosed with the displayed objects, providing information like description or costs.
In retail or a restaurant, things are commonly being offered for sale. There are 3 styles of freestanding showcases: counter, middle floor (mid-floor), and wall. Counter showcases are designed to show objects through one side (the "customer side") and have them accessible through the other (the "clerk side").
For this reason, the counter displays square measure most relevant for retail stores. The middle floor cases are built to display objects from all sides and are meant to be placed within the middle of the room. Wall showcases are meant to be placed against a wall, wherever the products are displayed and accessed from an equivalent side. Display cases are usually made by specialist firms.
A background in woodworking or welding, {available} in standard sizes or typically is a custom order. Display cases are usually designed with security in mind and are commonly lockable. Pre-assembled showcases square measure assembled (and sometimes tested) by the manufacturer and are shipped ready-to-use. Knockdown showcases are typically lower in price and cheaper to ship, however, may be of poorer quality than pre-assembled, and may arrive missing items.



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