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Computer Hardware Technology and Terminology
Asia, Indonesia
Informing about computer hardware technology and terminology...
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Techno Primer
United States, California
Prime updates on gadgets, technology, computer, software releases and mobile phone trends...
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Flumotion Streaming Blog
Europe, Spain
Streaming has become an integral part of today�s Internet and communication. Its adoption among content creators and end users is as rapid as the development of streaming technologies. Flumotion not only shares its open source technology but also its know-how about user trends, online video advertising, monetising content, advanced streaming features, industry updates, streaming formats and technology news....
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United States, Florida

A blog that features fresh news from the gadget industry and the latest gadget reviews...
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Android and Geek Gadget Blog News
United States, California
Andro and Geek communicate with artificial life forms higher Android and Smart-Phone of low order!
tags: android, geek, gadgets, android-os, artificial-life, artificial-intelligence, ai, a-i, humanoid, augmented-reali...
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Cool Security Gadgets
Asia, China
News, tips, and commentary from Popever - reporting on the new and cool spy gadgets....
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United States, California
Articles covering database management, web programming and development, Windows tips and tricks....
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Unix System Administration Tips
United States, Pennsylvania
KrazyWorks is a computer services company based in Delaware. We specialize in network design, data storage, system monitoring, and Web development. ...
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Newhampshire Solar Installation
United States, New Hampshire
Guides, Tutorials, Kits, and Parts for Solar and wind!...
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Blueface Telephony blog
Europe, Ireland
Blueface is an Irish company providing discounted phone services in Ireland and UK to residential and business customers.
This blog is about the company, its services and products. We also post about Blueface day to day life....
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Advanced Gadgets Blog
Asia, Pakistan
This is a world of science and technology.Everyone wants to get knowledge about gadgets. Here is a blog which has a description of advanced gadgets....
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New Era New World
Europe, Spain
web dedicated to games, music, curious news, space, videos, technology, and everything
interesting in this new changing world....
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Evidence of Design
United States, Alabama
Creationists can explain the unknown easily: God did it that way. Evolutionists must explain everything for natural processes demand an explanation. The question is, do paper links exist in the explanation of the chain of events that supposedly evolved life as we know it? Follow this website for the answers....
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EEC Data Center Blog
United States, Massachusetts
The EEC data center solutions blog is a place to is to promote an open exchange of ideas, questions and recommendations relating to data center and other mission critical facility infrastructure.
We will discuss best practices and trends relating to the physical infrastructure in critical environments like data centers and server rooms; including power, cooling, fire protection, equipment layout, preventive and proactive maintenance, energy management solutions and more.
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Europe, Spain
Cloud computing opinions and market trends....
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