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Europe, Belgium
The portal for the latest news and trends on architecture, interior, design, art and more ...
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Soulspace Healing
Europe, UK
My name is Bola Abimbola . I am a Transformational Leadership and Confidence Coach and an Advanced Level Practitioner Member of The Reiki Academy London, United Kingdom verified by Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) UK and Reiki Council.

I understand how our individual journey often times involves some phenomenal success alongside underlying currents of pain from the past to resolve & release. In my programs I empower my clients to shift and transform to deeper leve...
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Oceania, Australia
This is a lifestyle blog to take the time, focus on the essential and make contact with what is important. Take the steps to intentionally live with less (reduce consumption), to live simply and consciously with the people you really care about....
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UPF 50 Ultraviolet Protection Factor & SPF
United States, New Jersey
Best sun protection clothing, UPF 50 Ultraviolet Protection Factor & SPF fishing outfit. The actual rating of our proprietary fabric far exceeds the 50+ advertised figure and “unofficially” comes in at 98.5% blockage for UVA and 99.4% blockage for UVB....
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Barrys Blogg
United States, Nevada
Life and times of Barry. Professional pool lounger. ...
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A Blissful Blue
United States, Alabama
A blog that covers topics on beauty, wellness and lifestyle....
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Vitamin Sea
Oceania, Australia
To inspire Australian women who love the sea - Career, Inspiration, Travel and News...
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Cool Bean Living
United States, New York
Celebrating midlife for women, focusing on lifestyles, wellness, relationships, travel, recipes and fun....
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LoveTrips the BLOG
United States, Maryland
LoveTrips the BLOG is a relationship blog authored by life coach Egypt English with love and life advice encouraging YOU to create your best life with love....
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Both Sides of the Veil - Paranormal Investigations
United States, Maryland
I’m a professional psychic and medium who specializes in difficult paranormal investigations and cleansings. My blog details some of the most scary investigations that I have done. I am also a writer and speaker and provide private readings as well as coaching for abilities development....
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Asia, India
Gratisoul celebrates the power of positive thinking, how to overcome negative thoughts and also how to motivate and inspire yourself to have a positive outlook towards life....
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Idyllic Pursuit
United States, Iowa
Our mission objective at showing women like you that the secret to telling a great story is living one. We want to show you the magic of possibilities – that it is possible to live a life far bigger than your wildest dreams. 
We do this by teaching money making strategies (the change-the-trajectory-of-your-life-kinda-money), sharing delicious recipes, ways to be a better parent, practicing self care, and creating memories through adventure travel. ...
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Model Millennials
North America, Canada
Model Millennials is a millennial lifestyle content ecosystem! In plain English, it means that we’ll deliver you different content styles such as blogs, podcasts, workbooks and more, all with the goal to empower you to be the optimal version of yourself.

Think of this as the home base for your growth journey to reaching your life’s potential....
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Uloo - Blog about self improvement and personal growth
Europe, Austria
Blog to inspire you to achieve your self improvement objectives. We will find tips, experiences and stories to help you achieve your personal growth objectives. ...
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Workdaylife - Simple Answers For Working People
United States, Alabama
Workdaylife provides Simple Answers For Working People. It covers everything that are related to working people from personal finance, health , apps review,career advice, job skills, money ....
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