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Food Hunt
Asia, Malaysia
Food Hunt provide delicious Malaysia restaurants food guide. We hunting all the seafood restaurants, chinese restaurants, thai restaurants, spanish restaurants, pizzeria, indian restaurants, turkish vegetarian restaurants, fast food restaurants for you. Find the restaurant food guide at food hunt....
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Vidas alternativas
Europe, Spain
Ofrecemos formas de vida alternativas fuera de los estereotipos impuestos por la sociedad de consumo. Apoyamos las energ�as renovables, la agricultura ecol�gica, la inform�tica verde (GreenIT), etc. Creemos que otro mundo es posible, un mundo sostenible y amigo del medio ambiente....
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stylo delver wanders
Asia, Malaysia
Nothing special, but some ordinary thoughts from a delver who always wandering and wondering...... after all, grown-ups always need explanations.........
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United States, Alabama
This is your time blog

Samsung recently announced its new touchscreen multimedia phone and also demoed it at the MWC 2009. The Samsung M7600 BEAT DJ comes with built-in Bang & Olufsen audio technology and user friendly User Interface to simplify management of music playlists and collections....
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Pick Up Artist Techniques
United States, California
Seduction Tips is a blog that shows men the real ways to attract women and cutting edge pick up artist techniques to help them get the girls they like....
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The Social Coach | Dating Made Easy
Europe, UK
Free Dating tips & Advice for men. Articles on how to meet, attract and date women....
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Africa, Ghana
A Ghanaian currently outside.Being outside has made me look inside. And although I am far away, Ghana nevertheless shadows in my dreams and home is not far away enough.Every now and then something crosses my mind.Some of these thoughts I manage to put on your screen down here.Please enjoy....
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South America, Peru
A blog about a Peruvian girl who went to the UK and is sharing insights on life in Peru and the UK....
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Online Dating Chat in a Virtual Cafe in Minutes
United States, Ohio
Try virtual dating, the future of online dating. Meet singles in a virtual cafe, chat, play games, listen to music, and get to know each other online before meeting in person....
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Inspiring Messages and Quotes from Pravs Talk
Asia, India
Pravs Talk - Largest collection of Inspiring & Motivational content from Pravs World. Collection of Inspiration Messages, Quotes, Poems, Sayings, Words and Pictures....
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Marvelous Mouth
United States, New York
A blog about positive living - activism, t-shirt designs that make a statement, social commentary, politics and more....
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Radha Krishna Spiritual Blog
Asia, India
Radha Krishna temple of Vrindavan, Radha Vallabh Free Bhajan Downloads, Books E-store, Literature, Festivals, Radha Krishna Blog, Wallpapers, Games....
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Did you know
United States, New York
Informational and educational blog about interesting facts to know about. Lifestyle suggestions, health, pregnancy, horoscope, tips and tricks, more ... New titles every day, check back often and suggest subjects for future posts (if they fit the topics)....
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Tips Goda
Asia, Malaysia
Dating tips,relationship advice and love and romance tips and advice blog.Or you need help on your relationship dating problems like breaking up or divorce,either you are single or happy married,this is a blog man and woman looking for....
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Guide to life blog
North America, Canada
The Guide to Life Blog brings together all the pieces of the puzzle so that you may see a bigger picture. It is about growing and learning so that you can live an authentic life of abundance and turn your dreams into reality. Everyone needs a map of possibilities to find the pathway their dreams and step into the greatness....
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