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Mens Style Blog
Europe, UK
The Mens style blog provides up to the minute fashion advice for men, covering all aspects of mens style from clothing and accessories to grooming. Each season we look at the latest trends from the major fashion brands, profiling new designer products and collections. Our blog shows how you can create the right look for different occasions, as well as the look to suit your own mood and taste. ...
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Time Is Love
North America, Canada
Time is Love is about forgetting the factors that dominate our lives and set aside time to love others. Whether it is spending more time with loved ones, doing something massive to benefit others, or simply holding a door for someone, it�s been proven throughout history that the smallest act of kindness can go a long way....
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Over the boards by Jamie Favreau
United States, Michigan
Combination of new media, hockey, Detroit Red Wings and life....
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Asia, India
Bwitch is youthful and fashionable lingerie for the contemporary Indian woman, who is independent and far more experimental in her choices than ever before....
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Europe, Italy
2 in cucina, il blog di cucina di Giacomo e Vanessa...
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Hot Buttah Biskits N Gravy
United States, North Carolina
Tasty wrtiting about life, love, music, culture and everything in between...
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Optimistic Lifestyle
Europe, Ukraine
The blog about optimism as a lifestyle, how it helps to achieve your goals. Here also you can find many positive photos....
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Shining History - Medieval Islamic Civilization
Asia, Pakistan
Contributions of Muslims to Science & Technology in the medieval Islamic Civilization.....A Glimpse of the Islamic Golden Era from 7th till 16th century. Discover many interesting facts related to the history of science & Technology. ...
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The Place For Sharing Jesus Love
Asia, Indonesia
the place to share Jesus Love to All People...
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jbEbert - Pearls, gems and a little bling
United States, Florida
As a jewelry designer, I blog about my design process, style, fashion, other blogs, new finds, humor, my life, and anything else that comes to mind....
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Asia, Malaysia
Welcome to Chinese astrology lab.My blog packed with free Feng Shui tips, and some more information about Chinese Horoscope and Divination. Whether you are looking for Feng Shui classes and study or a Feng Shui consultation, you will find all you need here. I hope you will find this site to be a mine of information on Chinese Astrology - eastern Horoscope,divination....
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Turbo-Charge Your Marketing
United States, Arizona
A multi-author blog dedicated to helping you turbo-charge your marketing and grow your business....
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Europe, Germany
alles was richtig teuer ist - Luxus und alles, was f�r viel Geld zu haben ist, wie Auto, Yacht, Handy, Gold und Diamanten....
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Hawaii Wedding Plans and Ideas
United States, Hawaii
Hello, I�m Maylea and I�m 32 years old. I am a writer and wedding planner by heart.� I am such a romantic and although my parents are divorced, it has not tainted my belief in commitment and in marriage. I am not yet married, although a few years from now, I�ll probably� be but for now I�ll be organizing parties and weddings for friends and family dear to me....
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Your Guide to Dating in Sweden
United States, California
Your guide to online dating in Sweden. We link to all the best dating sites and help you with dating tips and information about Swedish dating....
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