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Vert's Blog
South America, Brazil
comments about film, music, life, and the world...
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graminvikas - exploring indian villages
Asia, India
Gramin vikas is site of Indian culture, tradition and village life style. It makes understand development and problems of real India. It will provide platform to discuss government help in progress, cultural exchange and issues of rural areas....
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La vida compartida
North America, Canada
a place to share living style, sewing, quilting, patchwork, gardening, cooking,
un lugar para compartir mi vida, mi gusto por la costura, quilting, patchwork, la jardinerķa y cocina....
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Significance Of Henna In Marriage
Asia, India
An online web blog which defines the significances of hindu marriage and its rituals such as significance of ring on the ring finger, significance of mangalsutra, significance of henna or mehendi, significance of seven pheras and lots more.
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Chanting Buddha
United States, New York
A blog for social issues and spiritual awakening....
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bigger, better, best
United States, Iowa
Crafting, cooking, decorating and nesting as a newlywed in Iowa....
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Spiritual Blog on Spirituality
United States, Colorado
This spiritual blog is intended to provide a spiritual community for those in search of discussions on spirituality, growth and development, consciousness and our spiritually awakening world....
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The Knight Writer
United States, Missouri
I love to write. When the moon rises, I'm ready to write.

I love to write all kinds of articles.

I like to write for worthwhile causes. I've been writing for the underdogs since I wrote my first article for the Abesville 4-H, back at the age of eight.

Feel free to email me your comments at
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Advanced Restoration
United States, Florida
Tips and news on water, mold and sewer damage prevention....
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The Art of Manhood
United States, Colorado
Passion, Presence and Purpose for the Modern Warrior - Advice for men on women, dating, relationships, sexuality, spirituality, and being the best man you can be....
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Unencumbered Being
United States, New York
Inspiration and guidance for people choosing to live life on purpose and in sacred unity with the soul's calling from Amy McTear.
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Tibesti Blog
United States, California
Tibesti confessions... users of the shopping social site Tibesti share their experiences - how they found the perfect product, earned money while shopping, discovered friends while discussing their favorite products....
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Sticky Times
Oceania, Australia
At Sticky Times we offer suggestions on how to approach controversial subjects plus helpful advice on how to tell the difference between truth and lies in these sticky times....
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Moonit's Blog - Make Destiny
United States, New York
Check up on's official blog! Offering the latest and greatest content about relationships, compatibility and general cool-ness on the web, Moonit uncovers why you hang with friends, hate your boss and have the hots for him or her with our one-of-a-kind compatibility tool....
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Wedding Planning On A Budget
United States, Colorado
Looking for some cheap wedding ideas that won't break the bank but still let you have your perfect wedding? This wedding planning guide will show you how to plan your affordable wedding on a budget and noone will ever know where and how you did it so cheap! Cut your wedding budget in half with our cheap wedding invitation ideas, cheap wedding reception ideas and cheap wedding flowers. We will show you easy and simple money-saving tips to cut the budget for all of your wedding plans and still h...
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