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Sacred Raisin Cakes
United States, Rhode Island
Why is the sacred suspect, and why are those who talk about Jesus so awful at walking like Him? Scott Yi, missionary at Brown University and seminary student, illuminates with the seeker in mind. Christian apologetics for the rest of us....
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Shootin fae the Shin
Europe, UK
Ah'm jist a biddy that bides up a stair in Leith. Ah love tae tell tales o' ma favourite twin-touns o' Embra an' Leith, an' ma ain wee pairt in their history. Come in an' sit doon, ah'll pit the kettle oan......
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Spiritual Guidance for Leaders
United States, Colorado
Spiritual guidance offered to help you navigate your daily life while remaining consciously connected to the divine....
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Cherry-Picked Gifts for Special Occasions
United States, California
Well-chosen gift is a luminescent spot on such special occasions as Christmas, birthday, wedding day. Here you will find helpful advice for you to choose appropriate and unique gifts for special events. ...
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New brand clothing
Asia, China
Enjoy life,enjou job....
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consigli d'amore
Europe, Italy
vuoi riconquistare il tuo ragazzo? non riesci proprio a capire cosa gli frulla nella testa? vuoi fargli una romantica sorpresa? hai bisogno di un consiglio obiettivo sulla tua storia? ti aspettiamo!...
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free consumer resources
United States, Florida
Useful urban living and survival skills. Not everyone can afford an off-the-grid farm, we show you how to become more self sufficient in an urban setting....
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Other Side of Through
United States, Colorado
Other Side of Through is one woman's journey from 31 years of marriage, a year and a half long divorce process to becoming the woman she's all ways wanted to be. Other Side of Through will chronicles her challenges as well as her triumphs as she journeys to the other side of through....
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Diary of a Common Goddess
United States, Illinois
Spiders, cribs, vampires, vacations, music, art, vomit, babies, fireworks, health - this blog has a little bit of everything. Such is the life of a Common Goddess....
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Vert's Blog
South America, Brazil
comments about film, music, life, and the world...
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graminvikas - exploring indian villages
Asia, India
Gramin vikas is site of Indian culture, tradition and village life style. It makes understand development and problems of real India. It will provide platform to discuss government help in progress, cultural exchange and issues of rural areas....
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La vida compartida
North America, Canada
a place to share living style, sewing, quilting, patchwork, gardening, cooking,
un lugar para compartir mi vida, mi gusto por la costura, quilting, patchwork, la jardinerķa y cocina....
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Significance Of Henna In Marriage
Asia, India
An online web blog which defines the significances of hindu marriage and its rituals such as significance of ring on the ring finger, significance of mangalsutra, significance of henna or mehendi, significance of seven pheras and lots more.
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Chanting Buddha
United States, New York
A blog for social issues and spiritual awakening....
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bigger, better, best
United States, Iowa
Crafting, cooking, decorating and nesting as a newlywed in Iowa....
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