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An Urban Plot
United States, North Carolina
AN URBAN PLOT or how to grow food and change the world one city lot at a time.
Chronicles one gardener's quest to produce organic food for her family, the adventures of a new way of thinking about lawns and yards, and an exploration of urban self-sufficiency and homesteading in the city....
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Baby Boy or Girl Shower Baskets and Gift Ideas
United States, New York
Tips for excellent items to include in baby gift baskets for friends and relatives with newborns. Collectible, decorative gifts that may gain in value. ...
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Maid Right House Cleaning Blog
United States, Illinois
Residential house cleaning tips and tricks to help make maintaning your home a pleasurable task. ...
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Gardening Tips 123
United States, Florida
A blog dedicated to providing Gardening Tips concerning organic gardening, container gardening, composting, vegetable gardening, home gardening and more
Also provides discount coupons for people to use when they purchase plants through online plant companies....
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Shop For Fresh Flowers
United States, California
Surprise family, friends, and coworkers with fresh flowers. Whatever their tastes, they'll love a cheerful bouquet and the sentiments that come with it. And don't forget to treat yourself--brighten your home or office with a colorful arrangement every day of the week...
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water filter,dispenser
Asia, China
This blogger will update all the information about water filtration products and home and garden products,and other resource about the website construction....
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My Flower Garden
United States, Alabama
Flower gardening issues and articles. Readers will find resources and items of interest for all flower gardening needs. ...
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In My Life
United States, Oklahoma
The random musings of my work life, home life and being a mom....
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