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Arts Blogs - Home of Juggling
Europe, Italy
Specialized site on juggling. Includes manuals and tutorials, expert advice and a discussion forum for jugglers and street performers.
Sito specializzato sulla Giocoleria. Include: manuali e tutorial, consigli degli esperti e un forum di discussione per i giocolieri e artisti di strada....
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Just Another High Quality Backgrounds Wallpapers For your Desktop
United States, New York
Just Another High Quality (HQ) Wallpapers Site Basketball Football Sport Celebrity Love 1080p Background Wallpaper HD For your Desktop...
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Arts and Crafts
United States, New Jersey
We are the best most informative Arts and Crafts web site and blog on the internet come to our site to learn all about this wonderful hobby....
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Incoherent Pixels
United States, Wisconsin
Street Art, Graffiti, Urban Art, Sticker Art, Sticker Trades, Photography and Vinyl Stickers. I also use the blog as a means of yet another form of creative expressionism. ...
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Tango Rouge Ballroom Blog
United States, Texas
Insights into the World of Ballroom Dancing - How to Dance, What to wear, Places to dance, etc....
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United States, Washington
Life, death and advertising at Seattle agency Copacino+Fujikado. Thoughts and opinions on creativity, engagement and the strategic arts. See who we are at
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Amazing Zazzle
United States, California
Zazzle awards every day for the best designs the "Today's Best Awards" (TBA). This blog will showcase these amazing TBA designs and other excellent Zazzle product designs....
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Cupcake Studio
South America, Uruguay
We are a small independent studio that focuses on animations, illustrations, and Crafts in the field of manga, anime, comics, cartoons, video games and more....
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Painting Ezols for You
United States, Texas
This blog is supporting a website which has a wide selection of easels and painting panels. It focuses on an array of wood easels, painting tips, artistic tools and reviews....
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Tropical Treasures- Exotic seashells and Fine Handicrafts
Asia, Philippines
A site showcasing all the products such as rare and exotic seashells, native jewelries, souvenir items and fine handicraft collections from Cebu City, Philippines
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T.A.M. Unique Jewelry
United States, Missouri
We are two women from St. Louis who have decided to learn how to make and sell jewelry. This blog is about everything that goes into that process. Some days, we might list pieces and prices. Other days, we're just showing off new tools we bought or a new technique we learned. This blog is about how we're learning all about beads, jewelry pliers, crystals, and making beautiful necklaces, bracelets, and earrings to share with the world....
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Europe, Bulgaria
Maille artisan, medieval armor, jewellery, crafts, entertainment when i feel like it. ...
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Europe, Sweden
Two Danish sisters writing about arts, music, beauty, fashion and their love of French macarons, tea, innovative design and of course Scandinavia. The visual content is intriguing and different - filled with loads of photography shoots of and around Malmo, Sweden and Copenhagen, Denmark....
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An Actors Life for Me!
Europe, Ireland
An Actors Life for Me - Blog belonging to Vincent Browning an actor from Dublin, Ireland....
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The 22 Magazine, The Blog
United States, New York
22 is an online magazine based out of Brooklyn, NY.
The 22 features 22 contributors each issue.

The magazine’s mission is to publish art, music and writing as integrated
structures that play off each other and enhance the whole.
We are looking for intriguing art, poetry, fiction, non-fiction,
video, music, animation and more. The restrictions are few
and the work is chosen by the creators or a visiting guest editor.
Many of our issues revolve around theme...
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