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Tattoo Designs and Tattoo Ideas
United States, Arizona
Tattoos are a form of creative self-expression,
a fashion statement or a non-violent form of rebellion. It normally reflects the personís personality, imagination, creativity or certain beliefs. Different tattoo designs represent various meanings, this blog aims to present that, as well as tips, ideas, news and articles about tattoos in general....
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Naruto Shippuden Online
South America, Peru
Naruto Shippuden Online, Saint Seiya, Ovas, Mangas, etc...
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Peruvian Handicraft
South America, Peru
Experienced professional Peruvian artisans have created Art in your hands site in order to show you the best Cold Porcelain Handmade Crafts and many other products from our culture, Peru....
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Pain of Poetry
United States, Minnesota
My writingís are exerts of my life, coming together with words of my soul. I am the descendant of the mighty Arabís of the desert. The loverís of the sand, the riders of the wind. I am the being of a human trapped within words and confused within. I am an expression of god....
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Asia, Malaysia
Every kid is an artist. kids + art + parenting.
I shared my joy on kids art, our art work, comics, children picture book review, parenting resources & wordpress blogging log....
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Thoughts and information - Art By People
United States, Georgia-USA
Hello People. Hope you like our website , thats where we showcase our art and reproduce original artworks as canvas art prints. We like canvas art as it takes the fuss out of framing for our customers... it takes seconds to hang, and looks great for a lifetime....
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Salsa Crazy San Francisco
United States, California
Salsacrazysf is a site dedicated to posting and podcasting all up coming news, events and salsa dancing tips for the San Francisco Bay Area....
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From looking to seeing
Europe, Russian Federation
Looking at exhibitions, festivals, human agents, films, theatres, performances, internet websites and other sources, we collect innovative or simply fascinating ideas, tendencies and interesting projects in order to see a broader picture of the contemporary cultural life...
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South America, Argentina
Candelaria Carballo
Mis dibujos
Luis royo
alan froud
victoria frances
alan lee
otros artistas fantasticos..

My Drawings and Staff...
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Europe, Spain
Art and Culture Blog with interesting news and resources....
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Tattoodles - Creative Tattoo Designs
United States, New Jersey
Get cool with tattoodles creative award winning tattoo design. You will find all the useful tattoo news, designs, articles and resources here. ...
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Curls of Sunshine
United States, Alabama
numerous links to free crochet, knitting, sewing and embroidery patterns...
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Heart of Stone Studio Blog
United States, Arizona
This blog talks about various aspects of making jewelry and the selection of gemstones and cabochons for jewelry-making....
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Europe, Spain
Everything on textile art, crewel, blackwork, embroidery, neelde painting, thread painting, crochet, Irish crochet, orvieto, cross stitch...
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Sojourn Curiosities
United States, Maine
Blog for my personal ruminations and jewelry design chatter.
My work:
Specializing in one of a kind, fine jewelry with a story to tell. Sculpted and knitted wire jewelry designed around found natural objects, vintage buttons, and semiprecious beads....
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