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The ONX Odyssey
United States, California
A quirky journey through the highs and lows of starting a winery in the Central Coast....
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United States, New York

Artculturemusiclove is a forum that purports to be a space for the expression of beautiful things ľ art, photography, poetry, music, landscapes, romantic love, recipes from around the world and fashion. We also cover topics pertaining to politics, human rights, cultural studies and more. This site is also a conduit for the promotion of positive community-based events. Feel free to voice your opinions on any discussions or posts you view surrounding the named topics....
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Reivewsive is a hub for the most hot selling and most interesting Programs on Internet
United States, Alabama
Check out our offical reviews on some of the most interesting and hot selling programs
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Dubai Blog
Asia, UAE
A couple's passion and real-life experiences for the beautiful city of Dubai. Shabbir & Fatema, "the insiders", provide a valuable step-by-step guide to apply, search and secure Jobs in Dubai. Information loved by visitors, who are searching for their dream job. It also contains tips, information and guide to the beautiful hotels, beaches, shopping, real estate, tourism, employment, business, entertainment etc. In short it has and will have everything related to Dubai....
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Rotastak Hamster Cage FAQ
Europe, UK
All you need to know about Rotastak Hamster Cages before you buy....
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Betta Fish Care
United States, California
Learn The Quick and Easy Ways to Keep Your Betta Healthy, Happy and Disease Free...
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Babying your Baby Iguana the Right way
United States, Alabama
there should be baby iguanas where cats, dogs or rabbits baby are present. It is during this stage that these iguanas appear in their most fragile and need your loving care the most. In older years your iguana will remain healthy when you specially take care of your iguana pet.
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The Herper
United States, New York
A blog about the care of reptiles and amphibians....
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OMG Thats Cute
United States, Alabama
We find, rank and review the cutest of the cute on the internet. Need your daily cuteness? We deliver!...
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Fishing and Hunting Blog
United States, Florida
This website is your source for fishing and hunting decals and stickers....
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Life With Kirby - A suburban dog with an attitude
United States, New Jersey
Hi there, I am Kirby, a 3-year old Golden Retriever living on the east coast. I live with 5 humans & 1 fish. I enjoy basketball, football, and an occasional romp down the block. This is a glimpse inside my life....
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Animal ID Systems
United States, Wyoming
Animal ID Systems, providing tips and know how for everything related to animal identification and animal well being. RFID systems, readers, software, and procedures. For Livestock and Companion Animals....
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Happy Cat Family
United States, Texas
A site about a single 30 something year old Brazilian woman living in America with her three cats Lucky, Bugsy, and Hope. See it all happening with a live kitty cam, fun blog, product reviews and helpful links for cat lovers....
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Pet Apparel Fashion
United States, Florida
This site is all about´┐ŻPets and how we care for them. Informative´┐Żideas and tips´┐Ż´┐Żare available for first-time pet owners as well as those who have been taking care of pets for years. We feature articles on General Care
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Omer's Scratching Pad
United States, New York
This is the official blog of The Pet Wiki. Omer, the infamous Siamese cat, talks about whats going on in his life and other pet related info....
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