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A foodie always looks for new places and for new delicacies. Every place has their own speciality in food items and mostly that attracts others to visit the place. Cameroon is a place especially known for its wildlife and beaches but have you heard of their food items?

Cameroon has attracted tourists from all over the world and the reason is obviously nature so here we want to give another reason to visit Cameroon. Especially for the people who are foodies, this blog will definitely make you pack your bags and travel to Cameroon. Explore the beauty of Cameroon and also the delicious food items. Here we want to introduce you to some mouth-watering food dishes from Cameroon.

Also, get to know about the best car rental service that will take you to all the places that are famous for their food. Read till the end and explore the food items of Cameroon with us.

Le Biberon Bamenda

This underrated bistro hiding in plain sight at Foncha Junction deserves to be more popular than it is. Nicely crafted bamboo and wood hide this paradise that serves fish and chips, mushroom, grilled chicken, and paper soup. Here you can enjoy the best music you may hear anywhere in Cameroon. Le Biberonís most special thing is they are organically growing their own food. They have set small tables that look so beautiful and for the people who want to plan a date at a beautiful place, trust us, this is the perfect place to spend time with your loved ones.

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Etok Koss Yaounde

This place is on the outskirts of Yaounde which is known as an ideal setting for cultivated ponds that grow fresh fish. The most important thing is the thatched huts and traditional setting are the best place to enjoy fresh and delicious food with family and friends on a day out.

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Bois díEbene Yaounde

This is an extremely beautiful place to go to for a whole cultural experience. Local dishes in the vibrant atmosphere accompanied by live music. They have grilled fish and shrimps with beef and sauce with miondo and fried plantains and whole meals like ndole, eru and gombo. Get the best food with soothing music by the live band.

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