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TYPO diary TYPO diary
Asia, Japan
I make designs using typography on a whim. ...
Asia, Japan
We introduce great design works from overseas....
AMIX 広告デザイン事務所 AMIX 広告デザイン事務所
Asia, Japan
AMIX is a design company in Japan.We will do everything we can do related to graphic designs. We're writing an article on the website.
広告制作のことならAMIXにお任せください。ポ ...
LOGOLO -ロゴ制作・ロゴデザイン- LOGOLO -ロゴ制作・ロゴデザイン-
Asia, Japan
LOGOLO is a logo design studio in Japan. We provide logo design and branding services. ロゴデザインはLOGOLOにお任せください。...
Martins Blog
Asia, Japan
An English blog by an English lover in Japan....
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Sonys mobile phone division loses more money than winning the gaming division.
Asia, Japan
As opposed to a year ago, Sony Mobile has lost over $480 million. Meanwhile, the Sony division of games won $ 317 million more than last year.

It seems that without promoting products it is hard to resist an increasingly competitive market. Promoting Sony products by pushing them into Sony movies is not enough....
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Sony announces Android Pie Release dates
Asia, Japan
Sony XZ Premium, XZ1 and XZ1 Compact will get Android Pie from 26 October.

Sony XZ2 Premium will get Android Pie it from 7 November.

Sony XA2, XA2U and XA2P will get Android Pie it from 4 March 2019....
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Animation training in India
Asia, Japan
Best Animation College Creative Multimedia College offers the animation course intended to empower students to accomplish their objectives in the Animation and VFX industry. It's a first-of-its-kind Animation and VFX program in India intended to give students far reaching preparing for a definitive headstart in the business. Infinite career options and opportunities. Just like your imagination!...
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Living Carefree and Happy
Asia, Japan
This is a blog about living carefree and happy in Japan. It talks about how it is to live in Japan....
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World Travel Bound
Asia, Japan
We have started this blog to inspire not only ourselves but hopefully others as well, to travel, experience, and see more of this wonderful world we call home. Whether it be luxury, budget, or everything in-between. We hope that you will find World Travel Bound useful and that it will inform and motivate....
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