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"Melbourne's first family-owned cosmetic tattoo studio - Face Figurati. Our primary mission is to regularly explore new technologies and innovations in the facial cosmetic tattoo industry and use our clients with the safest and most effective premium quality pigments. We focus on accentuating and enhancing your natural beauty. Olha Po is a leading microblading specialist in Melbourne with over seven years of experience in the tattoo business in Europe.

Face Figurati specialises in eyebrow tattooing: Microblading, Feather Stroke, Feather Touch, semi-permanent, Hair Stroke, Ombre Brow, powder eyebrow and shading technique, mixed technique.
Lip Tattooing: Lip Tattoo, Watercolour Lip Tattoo, Lip Contouring, Blush Lip Tattoo
Eye tattooing: classic eye tattoo, eye shadows tattoo, lash line tattoo
Cosmetic tattoo removal, removal of failed tattoos, overlaying old tattoos
Retouching, eyebrow tattoo correction."



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Date Added : 12-2-2022