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Hi. I am a common woman, found in every home.
I am a happily married housewife, with two kids. I have completed my post graduation in business administration and worked for 5 years with a reputed organisation. Eventually, I decided to quit work and be a full time stay at home mom. And believe me, every minute at home with my kids has been worth it!
Honestly speaking, I dread the time when they will want to fly off on their own, leaving me behind. These thoughts have propelled me to channelize and reorganise my time and priorities, so that tomorrow I am not left alone. And this foray into the online world through my blogs, is but a part of such a development.
I love reading books, fiction, non fiction, crime thrillers, classics etc. I am not much of a couch potato nor a garden freak. I also love to explore different types of cooking.
More of me as we go ahead in this journey of communicating with each other.

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Date Added : 29-5-2015