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The Chinese have recently inaugurated a 55-kilometers long sea-bridge linking Hong Kong to mainland China.

It was built in 9 years.

On the mainland side they built an artificial island where the bridge starts with hundreds of kilometers of suspended road, at some point it gets high enough to allow ships to pass under the bridge.
After 23 kilometers they built another artificial island where the road goes underground in a 6.7 kilometers long tunnel that ends on another artificial island.

Then it is followed by another section of pillars that goes to an artificial island in Hong Kong and the viaduct continues with tunnels and highways.

On the bridge you have to drive on the right side while in Hong Kong you will have to drive on the left side, following the british system, so they had to build a system that changes the traffic lanes on the both ends of the bridge.



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Date Added : 7-11-2018

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