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There are many reasons why you should be planning your next international trip to Canada. The country is known for its breath-taking natural beauty in the form of snow-capped mountains, unmoving glaciers, and infinite small and out-of-the-way lakes. The Canadian cities are as cosmopolitan as you would expect any first-class city to be – safe, clean, efficient and multicultural. In fact, you can plan everything from river rafting to partaking in internationally acclaimed festivals in this country. Canada is well known for hosting some of the best festivals in the world. You can witness everything from film festivals to music festival, light shows and much more in Canada if you know which event is taking place when. There are quite a few interesting festivals lined up all throughout 2019. You can plan your trip to this beautiful country to coincide with the festival you want to witness. Take a look.

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A celebration of Light, Vancouver
Arguably the best time to visit Canada, specifically Vancouver is during the months of July and August when the city hosts the internationally famous Celebration of Light festival. Here you can witness the world’s largest fireworks competition that goes on for every night. The summer season gets a whole new vibe as the city comes alive with pyrotechnical extravaganza. It is estimated that over 1.4 million people come from all over the globe to visit this spectacular event. In fact, it is not just a celebration of light but also a competition of the best fireworks. During the period of the festival, every night at 10 PM the city skies burst out with lights, colors and sound. Apart from the firework marvels on display, you can also enjoy continuous concerts that are held on the beach, participate in an urban adventure race and also enjoy a lip-smacking barbeque.

Osheaga, Montreal
Festival musique et arts Osheaga or the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival is one of the most anticipated festivals that take place in Montreal every year. The music and arts festival takes place at Parc Jean-Drapeau on Île Sainte-Hélène every summer. The festival is held across several days on various stages with varying audience capacity. The six stages are called “Mountain Stage”, “River Stage”, “Green Stage”, “Trees Stage”, “Zone Piknic Electronik” and “Valley Stage”. Osheaga is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated music fests in the world and if figures tell a story then the fact that last year over 1,20,000 people from all over the world attended the event should say its own story. Some of the best musicians of our times have headlined at Osheaga including the likes of Coldplay, Iggy & The Stooges, Eminem, Weezer, Arcade Fire, The Roots and so on. The festival promotes local talent by offering them opportunities to play alongside international artists.

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Winterlude, Ottawa
The Canadian capital hosts one of the country’s most anticipated event of the year known as Winterlude. This winter festival of Ottawa attracts lots of tourists who flock to the capital city to participate in numerous exciting events. The world’s largest skating rink that is located at Ottawa opens its doors for everyone to gleefully skate while the ice carving competition has its own set of followers. The winter playground that is completely covered in snow is yet another attraction. You can also relax in the ice lounge or scream your hearts out to your favorite tunes at the music concerts. Winterlude lasts three weekends and is held in February every year. Winterlude is also simultaneously held in Ontario, Quebec, and Gatineau alongside Ottawa.

Toronto International Film Festival, Toronto
Toronto International Film Festival or what is simply known as TIFF is one of the most respected film festivals of the world. It is also one of the largest film-related events in the world. Started in 1976, TIFF has since then created a benchmark for showcasing the best films of the year. The TIFF Bell Lightbox is a permanent destination where film screenings, discussions, lectures, workshops, and other film-related activities go on all throughout the year. During the ten-day festival, films are screened in about 28 screens spread all across Toronto. It is estimated that nearly five hundred thousand people attend the festival. In 2016 nearly 400 films were screened and over 5000 film dignitaries attended the event. Many famous films such as Hotel Rwanda, The Big Chill, and American Beauty have premiered during this event. This year TIFF is scheduled to be held from 5th September 2019 to 15th September 2019.

Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal
Every year during the month of June/July Montreal city comes alive with music because it is the time of the world’s largest gathering of Jazz musicians to come together. The Festival International de Jazz de Montréal or the Montreal Jazz Festival is the annual Jazz festival that sees hundreds and hundreds of musicians from all over the world. Almost 500 concerts are organized during the festival with more than half being free. Montreal in many ways comes to a standstill (without complaints) so that music lovers and musicians have their share of fun. You can hear anybody from Norah Jones to Diana Krall and Aretha Franklin during one of the festival days. The festival which started in 1978 will complete 40 years in 2019. This year the Jazz Festival is scheduled to be held from 27 June to 6 July 2019.

Calgary Stampede, Calgary
Touted as the greatest outdoor show in the world, the Calgary Stampede is a 10-day event that is held every year in July. It is primarily a rodeo event though exhibition, stage shows, parade, and concerts are all part of the festivity. Calgary Stampede was started in 1886 by the Calgary and District Agricultural Society but it was only in 1912 that it became a rodeo festival. The Calgary Stampede attracts tourists as it is one of the richest rodeo events in the world and definitely an important Canadian festival. It is not surprising that the city’s identity is linked to the event as Calgary is nicknamed the “Stampede City”. The spirit of festivity is in the air during the time of the event with storefronts and office building getting painted to cowboy themes, hordes of barbeque stalls around the city, increase in wear of westerns and so on.

Montreal Fireworks Festival, Montreal
The Montreal Fireworks Festival or the L’International des Feux Loto-Québec is organized to showcase some of the best pyrotechnics in the world. It is the most influential international fireworks competition in the world. The festival was first organised in 1985 and since then it has been held every year in June and July. It is a popular tourist attraction that draws millions of people from all over the world to witness some spectacular display of fireworks. The event is held over the Dolphins Lake in La Ronde, Montreal. It is estimated that over 6000 varieties of fireworks are displayed during the festival. Some of the biggest pyrotechnical companies of the world compete in this event, each lighting up the night to showcase a spectacular 30-minute pyromusical show.

Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, Montreal
Juste pour rire or Just for Laughs is an annual comedy festival held in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. As the largest comedy festival in the world, it attracts not just comedians but tourists who come in to share a laugh under the same roof. Also known as the Montreal Comedy Festival it was started in 1983 and has since then been attracting people who just want to get together to have some fun. The festival is held in July every year and is the event of the year for entertainers. The festival is broadcast internationally and has launched many television careers.

Celtic Colours International Festival, Nova Scotia
Sometimes it gets difficult to remember how vast Canada is as a country. If you are interested in visiting not just its important cities and festivals then you must head along to Cape Breton in Nova Scotia, an eastern maritime Canadian province. The Celtic Colours International Festival is an annual festival during which you can witness the Celtic culture and music. It is one of the largest festivals of its kind that is held in North America.

Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec City
The Carnaval de Québec or Quebec Winter Carnival Festival is a pre-Lenten festival held annually in Quebec City. Known as the world’s largest winter festival, the Quebec Winter Carnival is held every year in January and February where there are large outdoor concerts, parades and lots of festivities scheduled over three weekends. Though it is largely a French-influenced festival, English speaking people can equally participate.

There is no dearth of festivities in Canada which goes on to show how multi-cultural the country is. You can enjoy everything, from music to rodeo, fireworks to entertainment here. There are simply so many festivals organised all throughout the year that you are literally spoilt for choice.



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