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Bringing together families!
A wedding is not just about the coming together of a man and a woman in holy matrimony, but the weaving together of two families, a bond involving a number of people from both sides.
Our Indian weddings are loaded with numerous rituals, keeping the bride and the groom busy. All these rituals ensure that the couple become great friends for life. The weddings are usually celebrated over a stretch of two to three days. Number of guest arriving, ranging from the early hundreds to the high thousands, depends on the kind of wedding – small, medium or fat.

In the years gone by, Indian weddings have evolved, thanks to a few cues picked up from the western world. This gala event these days is organized very meticulously, signing up the best in the industry to deliver for them. This celebration now has clear cut phases to it. The pre marriage celebration, the main event, reception and finally the post marriage ceremony. This doesn’t seem simple even on paper, let alone in reality. The wedding halls in Bangalore though have a different take on it.
The fully-functional clubs in the Garden city offer their own set of marriage halls that are pretty enticing to refuse. The halls are as versatile as a chameleon; moulding themselves in accordance to you preferences for the celebration. Their venues will sweep you off your feet, thanks to the breath taking architecture and flawless infrastructure. The interiors are heavenly, designed by the country’s best interior decorators and their underlying creativity.
The quality of services offered by these marriage halls in Bangalore has managed to bring out the creative side of the local populace. Before the event you can see their in-house decors at work decorating the hall based on a theme chosen by you for the big day. The finest audio system and the state-of-the art acoustics stand out from the rest. Smart seating facilities ensure that your guests are not left stranded in the hall. Their seasoned master chefs serve some of the most delectable cuisines from around the world. Mind you, the nutritional facet is never neglected by the passionate chefs cooking for you.
Have you had enough of the boring halls? Ok, this one is for you. Your sangeet and mehendi ceremonies will be set up amidst the most delightful aura of the venue. The marriage and reception, will be arranged under the star lit night skies. The send-off is always tough on the bride’s family. Hence, to calm them down, the event is arranged in a soothing environment in their venue.
Running the show for two to three days on the trot is very demanding. This worry can be put to rest as the marriage halls from the luxurious clubs promise you a flawless wedding experience.

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Date Added : 15-12-2015