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Vacations are here. Besides indulging yourself in some quality family time and special vacation courses for your kids, this is the best time to get your child checked with your family doctor to see how well the child is growing. Well, you can also utilise this time to visit your dentist and get a preventive dental check-up done for your child. If your child’s jaw or teeth is not aligned properly, vacation time can be helpful to get an orthodontic treatment or braces to halt any abnormal growth and your child gets enough time to get comfortable with it. Whether your child is a teen superstar or a young teenager in High School, the right treatment and care can help your child have healthy and strong teeth. Here are some frequently asked questions about braces that you should know to understand braces.
Why do I need Braces?
Braces are the most natural way of correcting any irregularities in the teeth like protruded front teeth or bugs bunny teeth and misaligned or crowded teeth.
What is the right age for using braces?
The best time to put braces is between 10-15 years of age when almost all milk teeth have fallen off and permanent teeth start coming. At this age, the results are faster and more stable. However in some cases, braces need to be put earlier to control any developmental problem or developing malocclusion.
I am 40 years old now, can I still use braces to align my teeth?
Yes, Braces can be put at any age. There are a variety of options like Ceramic Braces, Invisible (Lingual) Braces, Invisalign Braceless Treatment available for adults that can align your teeth.
I do not want people to notice my braces. Tell me about Invisible Braces.
Invisible Braces are usually put lingually i.e. on the inner surface of your teeth and hence are hardly noticeable. This way, you can get your teeth corrected without worrying about how you look.
Do braces hurt, are they very painful?
No, braces are not at all painful but a mild discomfort is there initially as your body takes time to get habitual to anything new in your mouth. Even a small piece of apple or guava, when stuck between the teeth, is discomforting. Similarly, when braces are put, your mouth takes little time to get accustomed to the new feeling.
What precautions should I take while wearing braces?
You need to clean your teeth thoroughly. It can become little difficult to clean the teeth after putting braces but to avoid decalcification or any gum problems, it needs to be done properly. Ask your dentist on how to keep your teeth clean while wearing braces.
Do I need to avoid any hard food like nuts, chocolates or gritty fruits?
You can eat anything. However, it is always better to take small bites while eating to avoid any breakage of your braces. In case your braces break, you must contact your dentist immediately.
Orthodontist in Gurgaon
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