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Blaq Vixen Beauty is a newly-published beauty blog written by a makeup newbie who is learning the ins and outs of the cosmetic world one brand - both new and well-established - at a time. Blaq Vixen Beauty is steadily becoming one of the main sources of beauty, fashion and lifestyle for women of all colors.

The site features celebrity makeup breakdowns, interviews of women making their mark on the world of beauty, beauty and fashion reviews, makeup techniques, tips for the Frugal Vixen, and so much more! The editor-in-chief is constantly writing, rewriting and editing for your browsing pleasure!

Blaq Vixen Beauty is a member of Total Beauty, Beautyfix, RealBlack, Alltop, Coutorture, Mahogany Butterfly and most recently, AMBERMag.

Don't forget that every woman of color is a vixen so strive to stay true to the vixen in you!

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Date Added : 20-6-2009