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Beating the Winter Cold with Industrial Heating

Are you the owner of your own business? As the winter freeze sets in, your employees can really start to feel the cold. As the temperatures begin to drop below zero degrees, itís very easy for a large space like an industrial/commercial premises to become difficult to keep warm. What happens when you have a workforce trying to conduct their tasks in sub-zero temperatures? Youíll be forced to deal with reduced productivity, staff complaints, ill staff and health and safety issues!

Therefore, it is certainly in your best interests to ensure that even in the winter cold, your workplace presents a warm, comfortable environment for your employees to work in. How can you do that? Invest in a quality industrial/commercial heating system; itís as simple as that. There are several different types of boilers available for industrial use, some of which include the following:

Hydronic Boilers

A hydronic industrial boiler heats water or other fluids to a preset temperature. It then circulates that fluid throughout the premises typically through radiators, heaters or through the floorboards. The fluid can be heated by gas, wood or fuel oil Ė piped gas is the most popular choice in industrial areas.

Firetube Boilers

Firetube boilers operate by sending combustion or flue gas through a chain of tubes that are encased by hot water that is stored in the same chamber.

Vertical Boilers

Vertical boilers are a compact heat source offering low fuel costs. Their compact size and space saving vertical design is shock proof, with no tubes to loosen or burn out so they donít serve as an eyesore. They are relatively inexpensive to install.

If you already have an industrial heating system such as a boiler or burner, the important thing to do is to ensure that they are serviced ahead of the harsh winter weather. There are regulations around the maintenance of industrial boilers so that is important to keep in mind also.

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Date Added : 12-6-2015