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Random Thoughts
The blog is simply a collection of random thoughts that crosses my mind often!...
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The Ruffy - Get The Best Out of Your Web Experience
The is the online ego and personality of Ruffy Heredia, a self-proclaimed web geek and programming junkie from Cebu. For a good number of years now, he has dived into different areas that concern a chair, some electricity, a board of letters, a screen, and maybe even a device named after the number one fan of cheese. HTML/CSS, PHP, MySQL, and the occasional frameworks are what best suit this guy, as he does freelance work every now and then. Don't get him wrong, though - he loves to ta...
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Threshold Software Solutions Blog
Get the latest, updated news on software outsourcing trend in the world, cons and pros in software offshore, custom application development and many more....
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35 no.Tea
Ah aha what can be better than it.While sipping tea I told her a incedent 35 no. tea.
A few month ago one of my friend went to Delhi to purchase commercial vehicle's spare part. He has a spare part shop. Joining him there were total five man in Delhi shop, owner of the
shop ordered his shop boy to bring 35 no. tea from tea stall. Tea was so good that my friend asked the shop boy from where he has got....
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Business mindset close guarded secrets
For your personal development and investment in entrepreneurial thinking...
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Tech News
News, views and reviews about the Upcoming Technology
Reviews and descriptions of new Gadgets, i pads, mobiles, laptop and many more details of new gadgets in the market....
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Seriously Fake
Musings of everyday happening in the political, non-political, fashion and glamour industry in India. ...
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A Gurl's Corner
A blog about the latest styles of ladies' clothes, shoes, handbags and accessories...
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This blog is about skincare, haircare, nails, makeup and organic beauty....
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EquiTrade - A blog about equity investment and trading.
EquiTrade is a blog that talks about how to invest and trade in equities. The equity investment tips shared on this equity investment blog helps investors benefit from the investment opportunities available in stock markets....
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