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Web2.0 News India
Web 2.0 and Technology Startups News Web Blog Profiling next generation Web sites, Web2.0 Applications and Services in India and across the Globe....
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Tambayan is a Filipino Community Website providing news, tech info, gadget reviews, current events, entertainment news, tidbits, interesting facts, and local news. is a blog site maintained by Ryman and a handful of authors that contribute to the site. It also offers its members a forum wherein they can interact with other members and also contribute to the site. This is a place where pinoys can call, Tambayan....
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EternalMoonlight is a personal website of Ruben Ryman Galang. This blog site contains useful tips and often personal posts about Ryman....
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ITEKNOers - Where IT Meets Technology
Your updated source about Technology mainly in IT related fields. News about computer, internet, search engine optimization, internet marketing and many more interesting IT news updated regularly....
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My Lucky Diary
Blog ini merupakan tulisan saya tentang segala hal dan pengalaman yang terlintas di benak saya. Baik itu pengalaman spiritual, hubungan antar manusia, buku, film dan hal-hal menarik lainya dari sisi saya dan saya akan membahas hal tersebut dari sisi yang berbeda...
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New To Programming
My experience with programming and computers in general. I mostly write about my experience with the Java programming language....
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Human Relation
Its a great resource and platform for the person who likes to share and discuss about the feelings,emotions and relations exist in human beings....
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bLipZ Trips
It serves its purpose. This is a collection of my travels in my country, The Philippines, and hopefully around the globe.
It also tackles different issues in the Philippines (i.e. politics, current events).
Some posts are personal encounters and latest happenings in my life....
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The Holt Blog
Stories from some of the best writers in Asia, Korski, Marc Holt, Fanta, Bentone, to name a few. MAGD is translating and posting some of the stories in French giving the site a much wider appeal. Although based in Thailand, the blog appeals to readers all over the world....
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Guide to Project Management of Website development
Learn ABCs and Advanced Methodologies of Project Management of Software and Website Development projects. Specialized in web site designing and web marketing for online business....
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