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Conflicting ideas between three individuals.From witty political sarcasm to radical artistic reviews, this blog shares the thoughts and ideas of Bawa, Skullzero and DRG along with guest bloggers as well....
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What Women Want
If You are women, find anything about you in this blog, So you can understand about your self...
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Cegah Satwa Punah
Cegah Satwa Punah is blog that created to give people information about endanger species. We hope this blog can make people aware of that many endanger species in this world which need protection....
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carazoo Indian car blog
Indian car automobile blog from, India's first car portal with interactive animations, gives comprehensive information on the trends in car industry, car news, reviews and automobile industry updates. It also provides information on launch of new car models and makes, developments in the indian auto market and many more....
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personal blog about topo's daily life.. written in Malay language...
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Buddha's Dharma
This site is dedicated to preserve and to spread the precious teachings of Lord Buddha....
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Every kid is an artist. kids + art + parenting.
I shared my joy on kids art, our art work, comics, children picture book review, parenting resources & wordpress blogging log....
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WeBlog For Everyone is a blog mainly focusing on ‘India’ and its presence in the futuristic world, Technology & some General Topics too. India in the way 'We' see it and the way 'We' understand it...
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Future Perfect
A blog aimed at those readers who are in need of something different and exciting. Find out everything from online money making tips to unique dating tips. Learn some good management tips. Redefine your personality. Face your interviews with confidence. Shape your career in a better way. Take a sneak peek into my personal life. Explore blogging in depth. Feel different. Feel excited. Feel relaxed....
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American Bedu
American Bedu is a former American diplomat who resigned after 20 years of service to marry her Saudi husband. She now lives in Riyadh and maintains a daily blog where she shares her experiences and observations on the day-to-day life, culture, customs and traditions of Saudi Arabia....
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