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Arthur Keleti is one of the world's leading experts on cyber security. He began his career in the banking sector at MKB Bank, after which he joined EasyCall, then Eurohivo. He soon became the communications and new business development director at ICON, after which he joined KFKI. Today, He is the IT Security Strategist of T-Systems Hungary, where he has worked since 1999. He founded and organizes the IT Security Day Conference (ITBN), and he has a broad view and understanding of the global IT Security market, which he actively helps to grow and develop. Hes particularly interested in the ever changing world of corporate and private security issues, keeping a watchful eye on the upcoming events of our near future, and its sometimes frightening and alienating tendencies. Reading about his experiences and vision can help prepare us to face the approaching tide of change more adequately equipped for survival.



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Date Added : 30-10-2016

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