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Alsta Hydrogel is a potassium polyacrylate based super absorbent polymer with its safe and nontoxic formulation for use in open field and protective cultivation. There are many uses of hydrogel in agriculture because of its water holding capacity enhancing plant survival ratio and stabilizing soil media.

Alsta Hydrogel a quality product from Chemtex Speciality Limited. Hydrogel polymer swells up upon contact with water molecules absorbing up to 400 600 times its own weight and then acting as a controlled water release system by releasing water only upon plant requirement. This increase in water retention capacity is useful in drought prone areas where plants get a constant water supply with significant improvement in quality and produce. In arid areas, the use of Alsta Hydrogel in sandy (macro porous medium) significantly increases the quality of the plants.

- Mini water reservoirs for providing stable supply of water and nutrients to plants
- 400% increase in soil water holding capacity, useful in drought prone areas
- Rain-fed agriculture areas are provided with vadose zone water round the year
- 50% reduction in irrigation frequency, conserving water, time, manpower and money
- 15 20% reduction in quantity and application frequency of fertilizers and pesticides



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