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Texans Force Air Duct Cleaning provides Sugar Land and all of the greater Houston area with a wide selection of professional HVAC maintenance and air duct services!
These services include but arenít limited to the following:

Air Duct Cleaning- Professional air duct cleaning can greatly increase your home or officeís indoor air quality, reducing dust, pollen, mold and other contaminants from the air. Air duct cleaning also can help to extend the life of your HVAC system, which can become damaged by the same foreign elements that can affect the inside of your home or business. Our air duct cleaning services are fast and affordable, and can be scheduled at a time most convenient for you (including non-peak or closed hours for commercial air duct cleaning).
Air Duct Repair- Over time a home air duct or a commercial air duct system can suffer damage. This can be caused by some factors like having maintenance work done in your attic, poor air duct installation, and other circumstances. When you are need of air duct repair in Sugar Land, call Texans Force Air Duct Cleaning. Our experts will locate any damaged area that could be causing your heating and cooling unit not to function the way it should and make appropriate repairs quickly, saving you time and money!
Air Duct Installation- Trust Texans Force Air Duct Cleaning for air duct installation done right the first time! You may be installing air ducting for a new home in Sugar Land or replacing commercial air ducting for your business; whatever the case may be, we are the best air duct company in Sugar Land when it comes to air duct installation! Our air duct installation experts have a great deal of expertise in working with all types of systems, big and small. We take an even distribution of air, the layout of your property and many other things into consideration when installing air ducting for homes and businesses.
Air Duct Sealant- One of the most common things that cause higher energy bills is having leaky air ducting. Detecting and fixing leaking air ducts for homes and businesses in Sugar Land is one of the things Texans Force Air Duct Cleaning does best! Using high tech air flow detection equipment, our technicians can determine the location of any leaks in your air ducts. Once found, those leaks can be sealed properly, either by reattaching the ducting to a connecting area that has become loose (a common issue) or by using an air duct sealant like a spray foam which also helps to insulate the ducting and reduce energy loss.
Dryer Vent Cleaning- Dryer Vent Cleaning is one of the most forgotten of household or business maintenance tasks there is, which is not good! Why do we say that? As a dyer vent becomes caked with lint and other things like dust and other allergens, these things are often breathed back into your home through your dryer! The real danger, however, is the possibility of your dryer vent becoming clogged. A clogged dryer vent can cause your dryer to malfunction at best and be a fire hazard at worst! Call Texans Force Air Duct Cleaning for dryer vent cleaning to avoid these dangers!
HVAC Maintenance- As anyone who has lived in Sugar Land for very long can attest to; you donít want to have your AC quit on you in August! HVAC maintenance is at the heart of what we do to help take care of our friends and neighbors in Sugar Land and the greater Houston area! Our technicians will perform a coolant and pressure test on your heating and cooling equipment to make sure that everything is in great shape, and will let you know if there are any issues of concern. Call today to ask about our commercial heating and cooling maintenance program for a worry free experience that will keep you and your employees and guest cool or warm year round!
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