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CNC which is also called Computer Numerical Control is a widely used technique in manufacturing. This is a complete machine that helps in the smooth functioning of the manufacturing processes in multiple areas. All of this happens with the help of some pre-programmed computer software that dictates the movement of all the parts of this machine. This process allows the user to control a lot of different machines including some complex ones.

A lot of industries have started using this method and over time it has gained a lot of traction or popularity. Now from basic to assembling some complex machines, CNC has brought together the desired parts and made them work together. So, here is a comprehensive guide to CNC dictating a few useful things.

What is the functioning of CNC executed?

To understand this simply; we can say that CNC is a machine that works on predefined codes. This means, when a CNC machine is used or is activated, all the desired cuts and carvings that the machine has to execute are predefined into the system. The user writes down all the codes to the movements and once thatís done, the machines respond to the codes.

What are the types of CNC machines?

With all that said, one needs to also understand or be able to determine CNC machines. So, here are some of the CNC machine types that are being extensively used across industries.

CNC Mills

One of the most used and very good tools that work on CNC mechanisms is the CNC mill. It is one of those machines that are capable of running on the letter as well as number-based prompts. The combination of these prompts actively guides the workpieces across the machine to multiple distances. But there are different manufacturers in the market and the mills also respond to different codes. The basic and the most common ones respond to the G-codes whereas others might be responsive to the codes dictated by the brands.


One of the most used CNC-type machines is Lathes. They not only are used in manufacturing and finishing the products but it is also a part of a lab. Yes, you heard that right! Lathes are those CNC machines that are used to teach in many colleges and institutes. Using this machine, the workpieces are cut in a favorable direction, mostly circular. One of the most important and notable things about Lathes is that it has high velocity and utmost precision. Both of these qualities make it a good machine to be used in various places. In some areas, there is still no replacement for this machine.

There are a lot of other places where CNC machines are used such as plasma cutters and electric discharge machines for sinker EDM and wire EDM. By knowing how important and useful this machinery system is, you might have understood its importance.



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