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Hi. I am a 20-something registered nurse by profession and blogger/writer by passion. Iím also a doting wife to my wonderful husband (who also happens to be a nurse) and a full-time mother to a 21-month old boy. Being first-time parents is not easy, and more often than not, it can be a bit overwhelming. And although Iím grateful to friends and family who ceaselessly give advice to common problems encountered with having a baby, itís also exhausting to be constantly told what to do. And itís safe to say; it used to stress me out.

Over time, I realized that whenever something comes up, I prefer scouring the internet looking for blogs or forums where mothers like me can get together and talk anything and everything under the sun. Being nurses, my husband and I thought we can deal with anything but I guess, we become vulnerable when it comes to our child. Like you, I have found that the best way to learn is through experience. Especially now that we are nearing what other parents call the ĎTerrible Twoí I have accepted the fact that itís only going to be more challenging.

Right now, my little one is already starting to be independent. He lets go of my hand whenever weíre out at the mall (this is heart-wrenching for me, though), wants to eat on his own, throws a tantrum now and then, picks what shoes heíd like to wear and so on. Itís a never-ending cycle of adjustment, and that is what I find exciting. Whether itís his favorite food of the week or a new word he learned, itís these moments that I love. Being a parent is a 24/7 job Ė you donít get rest days, sick leaves and even vacation. But thatís the beauty of it Ė youíre there in every milestone, every core memory, all the great times and the bad.

It may look easy but there are days when I feel like I have it together and on some, I just want to bury my face in a tub of ice cream. But then, I see my baby boy, and I think, ďI have this little of bundle of joy here. How bad can it get?Ē

Moms, dads Ė letís be here for each other and learn together. Parenthood is as beautiful as it is challenging. Letís take it one day at a time and enjoy every moment because trust me, time does fly and youíll wake up one day to find your baby not-so-little anymore.


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