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If youíre looking to give your home some improvements, but donít have a big budget, thereís actually a lot of projects you can have done without spending too much money. From fixing window trim to adding a new color of paint to your front door, you can remodel areas of your home quickly and affordably.

Hereís 5 great ideas to enhance the value of your home and update itís look without breaking the bank.

1. Front Door Makeover
Giving the entrance to your home a makeover can really change the way it looks on the outside and enhance its curb appeal. If your front door is fading in color, try giving it a fresh coat of paint, or even a new color. If itís fairly old, it might be time to invest in a new and more secure door. Try getting a paint job for just the trim, and if you want to do just a small change you can test out different colors easily.

2. Add Architectural Elements
Adding craftsman features to rooms or exposing architectural features inside your home will give it a little more visual appeal, while also adding value. Crown molding or baseboards for example, can add a lot to your bathroom or living room and can bring in accent colors to your walls. Thereís are a wide variety of trim to choose from and all have the craftsman look that will make a big difference for your home with a small change.

3. Cabinet Refacing and Painting
Replacing or refacing your cabinet doors is a quick and affordable way to improve the interior of your home. You can have the whole cabinet shelves or drawers replaced with new ones too, which can bring in different organization benefits. Adding more details and more storage to your kitchen will completely change how it looks and how you interact with it. You can also have them painted or stained a new color if you need an update.

4. Add a Fireplace Surround and Mantel
Especially during the holidays, a mantel and a surround is a nice area to display decorations. It looks nice, gives you extra decoration, and allows you to change up your living space without being too invasive. A wood mantel or surround can add a nice, rustic look to your living room and is a fairly quick project to complete.

5. Window Trim and Frames
Giving your windows an update, whether inside or outside, can make a big difference on your home. Adding a coat of paint, a new frame, molding, or window trim will make your windows a stunning focal point of any room. Window frames are often forgotten about until they start to rot or crack. For safety reasons, itís a good idea to make sure your window frame and trim is in good condition. To protect your house from further water damage make sure to fix dry rot and other weathering when you notice it.

These are all quick and easy cosmetic home improvements you can have done to give your home a new look. Plus, any of these remodeling ideas will enhance the value of your home should you ever decide to sell.

American Hill Country Painting and Remodeling can provide your home with any of the above mentioned services and give you a free estimate.



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