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The rising demand for the sports has raised the need of a proper sports complex in the United Arab Emirates. Today to build a sophisticated sports complex, one needs to have a high-tech supplier of the amenities. The essential sports amenities are inclusive of the sports flooring; children play equipment, stadium and sports hall seating, electronic scoreboards, and other related stuff. Similarly, the toilet lockers and toilet cubicles play an essential role when it comes to building up a lavish sports complex.

The market today has got flooded with the sports amenities suppliers. Specifically speaking about the United Arab Emirates, the market has got ample of the sports amenities suppliers, that choosing the best supplier for the toilet cubicles in UAE has been a whammy situation. Also, as the demand for the sports is raising day by day, the number of firms rendering the sports amenities is witnessing an exponential growth curve.

Here are the 5 Best Features of the Toilet cubicles in UAE

Panels and Doors: The panels and doors of the toilet cubicle must be thick and moisture resistant. Also, it should be able to wear and tear the disturbances of the weather to stand firm. Above everything, the panels and doors of an ideal toilet cubicle in UAE is crafted to be resistant to the fire and hence earns the title of fire retardant.

Appearance: The door panel is affixed with the profiled aluminum headrail. The best toilet cubicles in UAE possess the door lock with the cover plate, integral red or white indicator, and the pin to facilitate the emergency access.

Melamine faced Chipboard: The melamine faced chipboards are mostly preferred for the toilet cubicles in UAE. They are highly recommended for the sports complex toilets to add allure to it. The melamine faced chipboard is available in the form of square edged-finish.

High-Pressure Laminate: The high-pressure laminate is made out through a high pressure/ high-temperature process of lamination. It ensures the durability of the toilet cubicles.

IPS paneling: The IPS paneling of the best Toilet cubicles in UAE is accomplished with the invisible mechanical fastening.

Also, to the toilet cubicles, the toilet lockers in UAE have become the next priority of the sports complex owners.

While talking about the best toilet lockers in UAE, some of the sports amenities suppliers have the best quality toilet lockers, which ensure complete security to all your belongings.

Here are the some of the essential features of the best toilet lockers in UAE

The average side panels of most of the branded toilet lockers in UAE ranges from 12 mm to 13 mm thick HPL and the back panel ranges from 4-6 mm with MDF.

The hinges used are resistant to the corrosion.

Majority of the toilet lockers in UAE bear coat hangers made of the chrome plated rod with brackets. They possess key operated lockset, and if required, a master key for the same is provided.

These are few points about the toilet cubicles and toilet lockers in UAE. Choosing a perfect supplier for the toilet cubicles is now simplified with the above features.



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Date Added : 23-5-2018